Docs & FAQ

Welcome to CrosPaper!

Basic Instructions

The core CrosPaper functionality is simple: right-click an image to set it as your wallpaper.

Slideshow Instructions

In the Options page, select from a host of categories*, then how often you want your wallpaper to change to customize your background automatically.

*Some options only available to pro members.

Live Wallpaper Instructions

Creating Live Wallpapers is as simple as right-clicking a Gif or Video in the browser and selecting "Set as Live Wallpaper."

Watch the video below to create a Live Wallpaper in just a few minutes!

Or, if you prefer to read the instructions, check out our blog post.

Playlist Instructions

Playlists must first be created in the Playlist Editor, then they can be set via the Popup or Playlist Windows.

Watch the video below to learn how you can create offline playlists using CrosPaper!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my battery draining faster than before?

    • As with all applications, the more frequently CrosPaper runs, the more power it takes. For best battery life, set the wallpaper slideshow to longer intervals (30 minutes and up) or turn off Live Wallpaper.

  • Why does CrosPaper need “idle” permissions for Live Wallpapers?

    • While Service Worker technology prevents unnecessary demands on your system, it can be unreliable when trying to design an app. To make sure the system runs properly, we have to know when he might run into issues “waking up.” One such occasion is when your computer auto-locks.

    • If your auto-lock is off, CrosPaper reads nothing else regarding your activity. It doesn’t even track your idle/active state unless Live Wallpapers is on.

  • Why is CrosPaper Pro a subscription model as opposed to running ads or being a one-time payment?

    • The deprecation of the Google Web Store payments model has narrowed the options for monetizing extensions. The current Stripe-based subscriptions model allows us to add new features, maintain our current feature set and sources, as well as avoid any nasty ads in the app.

  • Why is my Google Photos image of lesser quality than my local version?

    • You likely have the "storage saver" option set to on for your Google Photos library. This compresses the photo and may result in a lower quality for some pictures. For best results on Google Photos wallpapers, upload images in their "original quality."

  • CrosPaper is frozen! What happened? How can I fix it?!

      • This happens most often when a user presses the "Skip to next wallpaper" button too often. CrosPaper is designed to change your wallpaper, not run a speedy search of images.

      • If the app freezes during a wallpaper slideshow, try resetting and saving your options again in the Options page. To reach the options page when the Pop-up is frozen, right-click the CrosPaper icon and select "options" from the dropdown menu.

      • CrosPaper might also have run into an issue with another extension or application. In that event, a restart should clear everything up.

      • Please report any and all bugs on the issue page, or our subreddit.

  • My wallpapers appear in my Google Drive Storage. Who is uploading them?

      • You are! If your wallpapers are showing up on Google Drive in a folder called "Chrome Syncable FileSystem" or "Chromebook Wallpaper," it means you're syncing them.

      • To rectify this, go to chrome://settings/syncSetup/advanced and uncheck the "Theme & Wallpaper" option.

  • How can I share Live Wallpapers with others?

    • To protect your privacy, CrosPaper Pro currently does not support accessing sharing features or shared albums on Google Photos.

    • If you’d like to share a CrosPaper LWP album, share the album on

    • If you’ve had a CrosPaper LWP album shared with you, navigate to, click the sharing tab, and select the album you’d like to set. In the album, select the kebab menu and click the “Show in Albums” option.

  • How can I save a Live Wallpaper Album that’s been shared with me?

  • Will CrosPaper Pro ever support Google Photos sharing and editing features?

    • If enough users requested the feature, we would consider it.

  • My Live Wallpaper disappeared without me clicking “Delete Live Wallpaper.” What happened?

    • Live Wallpapers are stored into the cache before being applied. If you’ve deleted your entire browser’s/CrosPaper’s cache, the wallpaper will be deleted as well.

    • You must create a new Live Wallpaper or—if you’re a CrosPaper Pro member—reset it from Google Photos.