Docs & FAQ

Welcome to CrosKeys!

Getting Started

To start up CrosKeys, you must add it as an input method.

Go to the "Inputs" section of your Chrome OS settings and select "Add input methods."

  1. Search for/Scroll down until you see "CrosKeys by CrosExperts."

  2. Select and add it.

  3. In the Input Method menu, click CrosKeys to enable it.


Press "Ctrl + \" in a text field to access Global Shortcuts.

Press "Alt + \" in a text field to access Clipboard History.

Whichever command you use, expect the Candidate window to appear.

Controlling the Candidate Window


Press Ctrl + Backspace to return to the previous menu.


Press Shift + Enter to keep the Candidate window open.


Press CTRL + Shift + Enter to create a new line without closing the Candidate window


Press CTRL + "." to pause the Candidate window, allowing you to input text or commands (space, arrow keys, etc.)


Adding Text Snippets and QuickLinks

Navigate to the options page via the popup or shortcut (Ctrl + \ + o).

Once there, input your desired shortcut, then the text or url you want to replace it.

Click save, and use the commands via shortcuts:

(Ctrl + \ + s or ql)

Want to use CrosKeys without saving your clipboard history? Toggle modules off in the Input methods menu.

By default, Chrome OS will always run CrosKeys on startup.

If you don't want this to happen, disable the extension in the chrome://extensions page before logging off.

Using the Clipboard Manager

Using QuickLinks

With QuickLinks, you can access Android and Linux functions in just a few clicks. For an example of what you can do with QuickLinks, see the video below!

Want to read a text version of this guide? Check out our blog post:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I have more clipboard items in the manager than I do in my launcher?

    • You've probably dragged some pictures into the CrosKeys Clipboard. Images do not appear in the launcher menu, but they can be added to your system clipboard from the clipboard manager.

  • Does CrosKeys work in tablet mode?

    • Yes! If the virtual keyboard isn't responding to your commands, you might be in compact mode.

    • To call CrosKeys from the virtual keyboard, switch to "Full Layout" mode.

  • When I signed in, CrosKeys turned itself on. Why?

    • This is beyond our control. As of Chrome 96, Chrome OS will prioritize third-party keyboards over its native options.

    • If you don't want this to happen, follow the steps outlined above.

  • Why Does CrosKeys Need x Permission?

    • Read your browsing history

      • CrosKeys cannot actually read your history. This refers to the fact that CrosKeys works on all websites. To ensure no problems arise with typing/commands in any environment, this is required.

    • Display notifications

      • We won’t spam you with notifications, but we like to keep our users informed when any CrosExperts product is doing something on your system. I think every user appreciates clarity and we aim to give it.

    • Read and modify data you copy and paste

      • This enables the Clipboard Manager, and is only used by the Clipboard Manager module. Even if you give this permission, you can disable Clipboard Management in the input settings.

    • Read and change anything you type

      • This is the most important permission. Everything CrosKeys does is made possible by being a keyboard application. All of your typing takes place on your local machine, though, and we don’t have access to anything you type.

    • Manage your apps, extensions, and themes

      • This enables plugin features.