Helping you get the most out of your Chromebook.

Chromebooks run a desktop class browser and operating system. Despite that, some features you'd expect to find on any other laptop just aren't available on the platform. 

That's where we come in...

We're a small team (just the two of us!) who write tutorials and develop applications for Chromebooks. We love talking to people who are passionate about technology, the web, and ChromeOS. 

Check out our products below! 

Our Chrome Extensions

CrosExplorer by CrosExperts

Get the most out of the Files app with CrosExplorer!

If you want access to third-party cloud providers, archiving files, and extracting more formats than the vanilla Files app, now you can! 

For those who need a little more out of their Chromebooks, CrosExplorer Pro offers batch renaming, download management, file search, format conversion, and more! 

Take control of your Files with CrosExplorer!

CrosManager by CrosExperts

CrosManager by CrosExperts is a system monitoring and management app designed for Chromebooks.

Keep an eye on your system resources at all times with pop-up window and specialized alerts, so you never overload your Chromebook. Run only the extensions and apps you need with quick on/off toggles and controls.

Keep your Chromebook under control using CrosManager!

CrosPaper by CrosExperts

Customize your Chromebook's wallpaper with any image you find online, in your Google Photos library, or your file browser.

If you've ever seen a picture online and wanted to display it on your desktop with just a click, CrosPaper is here to make it possible. 

Also, for the very first time on Chrome OS, use CrosPaper to create Live Wallpapers for your desktop!

Match your Chromebook to your personality with CrosPaper by CrosExperts!

It can be tough finding proper ChromeOS applications and services to help you run your organization. 

If you'd like access to our programs in an enterprise/education environment, or need a custom solution developed, please reach out to us! 

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